How we

do it

We use a combination of our own data, a sequence of personalised, contextual email messages, custom email infrastructure and deep-dive analytics to drive real leads directly to your inbox, targeted traffic to your website, or get meetings booked into your diary. Real people, real leads, real sales.


The low down The low down

The who and what The who and what

The first step is working out the who and what: who to target, and what to offer them.

You tell us who your ideal client is, and what your offer is. We work out the rest. We’ve done this for a long time and have analysed millions of emails (real replies from real people) and use this data to tell you the top responding designations, industries, company sizes, or countries (depending on the offer or solution). We let the data guide the process.

The hyper-focused target The hyper-focused target

We then use our own data to build an exact dataset of the who: your ideal prospect.

We have fully-compliant data (no funny Cambridge Analytica dodgy-ness) on anyone and everyone, anywhere in the world, that has been validated, normalised and sanitised (basically a lot of technical magic goes on in the background to make sure each contact is real, usable and compliant). This isn’t personal data, it’s company-specific data: name, role, title and seniority level, company size, industry and location. We can dig deeper to look into the market size (total-addressable-market), technologies used, marketing spend, overall revenue or funding status. How deep we go, depends on your offer.

The superhuman message The superhuman message

We then write a sequence of emails that talk to that prospect directly; tailored to them specifically, but done at scale. They are not about you and the many accolades your company has. They are about the real problems that your customers have and how you can solve them. The copy we write is so personalised to the target’s unique situation that the reader feels that this has been written for them, specifically. There is a method to our copy madness: no jargon or verbose language, and it is all underpinned by behavioural economic principles. It’s personal, it’s natural, it converts.

The technical email stuff The technical email stuff

It doesn’t help to have the best data or the best-positioned copy if the emails end up in the spam or promotions folder, right? We build an email infrastructure specifically for you and make sure that the emails are delivered directly into your ideal prospect’s primary inbox — and if not, we make a plan.

The deep-dive: run, rinse, repeat The deep-dive: run, rinse, repeat

It doesn’t just end when we press send, and the replies ping. We watch closely as leads reply and the data comes in: and use it in a continuous cycle of analytics to refine your campaign. We also use past and live data to inform decisions and decide what to do next — it’s data-driven science, not guesswork.

Ready to start generating real leads, with real people? Ready to start generating real leads, with real people?