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Targeted email lead generation fixes the hardest sales problem — finding predictable leads for B2B companies. It is the internet age’s answer to cold calling, only better and without distracting your sales team from their main focus: closing deals.

Here’s how it works

Targeted email demand generation works, but why? Targeted email demand generation works, but why?

It frees up your team…

… by allowing them to focus on nurturing and closing deals with warm (and hot!) leads, rather than wasting costly resources on manually researching the names, contact details, relevance and/or fit of cold leads.

It’s personal and non-invasive…

… which means emails can be reviewed and responded to at leisure, and when done correctly, it identifies and builds an authentic connection with the people that power your business: genuine clients.

It’s heavily backed by data…

… we are not talking guesswork or magic beans here: it is all about the data. We use fully-compliant, real-time data – from our own curated database, as well as over 700 publicly available and premium opt-in data-sources. Real data: real people.

It uses a continuous cycle of analytics…

… we closely monitor the leads and reply data from each live campaign, combining this with past data from all our campaigns to continuously refine and optimise your campaign — it’s data-driven science, not guesswork.

It allows you to test…

… targeted email prospecting is the ideal way to explore new market segments, gauge interest in your new offer or product, refine and understand your ideal customer, and to build a customer base before sinking your money into infrastructure.

It generates sales insights…

… think of targeted email lead generation as your sales BI, giving you deeper understanding into your sales funnels, processes and offers so you can make the right decisions to increase your sales.

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lead generation lead generation

work for me? work for me?

Target email demand generation is not a fit for everyone. We’ve run, and analysed the results of thousands of successful campaigns worldwide and know that only companies in specific industries that meet specific criteria are a good fit for email demand generation.

If you’d like to explore if targeted email prospecting can work in your business, why not talk things over with us?

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