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Our business started as a guidebook to sales—and the training we offer is based on that methodology. We believe that sales is the most vital skill for any entrepreneur or business: without it, nothing else matters.

Note: we only provide sales training services very occasionally, on special request. We love doing it, as it’s in our blood—but it is seldom an 80/20 service for us. But when we do it, here’s what we offer training for…

1 Qualifying (the science of selling)

The science of selling is not about persuasion or the hard sell. It isn’t really what most people think selling is at all.

If you ask most sales people, they’ll tell you that the core of sales is all about the close. This is rampantly untrue. Closing has nothing to do with true salesmanship.

The essence of salesmanship is knowing your prospect’s specific needs, and demonstrating that you can meet these through the entire process.

To know these things, you have to ask questions. Basically you’re trying to disqualify bad prospects early through good questioning, until you’re left with only the good ones.

Thus, selling is actually (first and foremost) all about qualifying while building trust. It has little or nothing to do with closing, as the close happens naturally when you qualify correctly. We train your staff to do this.

2 Rapport

Rapport is a key principle in our Superhuman method, and something that is strangely neglected in most sales teams—perhaps because people assume they either have it, or they don’t. It forms the foundation for the relationship between sales staff and their prospects, so it’s a crucial lever for a more effective sales process.

Fortunately, rapport isn’t just a matter of personality or instinct—it can be learned by anyone, and even the most natural sales people can benefit from this, since they can then be more intentional about using it.

3 Referral training

This is another key Superhuman principle—referrals are hands down the best source of new leads, but most sales teams neglect them ferociously, even preferring to cold call (the worst source of new leads!) This is primarily due to lack of comfort with asking for referrals, and an awareness that the timing of referrals can be tricky.

We define a precise method with your staff for getting referrals in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they’re asking a favor, and which fits naturally in with the timing of your sales.

If you’re convinced your sales team needs training, it’s probably best to speak directly with us to see whether we can help. Alternatively, you can grab a copy of our guidebook for them to read as a first step before bringing in any big guns.

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