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integration services

With the technology available today, there is no reason that your website should be anything less than a high-tech component in an automated sales machine. It is both possible and lucrative to build a sales machine that works night and day to grow your business—even while you sleep.

Yet for many businesses, their websites are little more than old-fashioned brochures…or, at best, a directory, a signpost for getting visitors talking to the right employees.

Your website should be more than this. It should be the hub of your online presence, connecting and leveraging the tools you use to increase sales and customer retention. Gone are the days of having customer data scattered all over the place—centralization is the way to effectively manage and grow your revenue. Growing your business means gaining a holistic view of your business…which means tying the various third party tools and technologies together in a single dashboard that can manage everything.

For instance, when your sales team close a deal in CRM, they shouldn’t need to manually log into some other system, or let some other department know—the very act of closing the deal should automatically kick off a workflow to create a ticket in, say, Freshdesk to notify your service team of the project details…while at the same time the client’s information is automatically sent into, e.g., Quickbooks, and the invoice scheduled.

Of course, this doesn’t start in CRM. Your options are unlimited: you can use web APIs and various integration platforms to connect your website forms, capture leads into, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Marketo, SharpSpring, Pardot, Hubspot, Drip or any other CRM, customer service desk or marketing automation tools. Making everything play together, and making it all understandable to your team, is part of the service we provide.

Do you have a holistic view of how your various processes and people fit together to make you sales? If not, how might that transform your business? Start a conversation to see what kinds of changes and improvements we can make for you.

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