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Making a strong first impression certainly does count. When you meet someone for the first time, their brain forms an intuitive and largely emotional opinion of you in less than four-tenths of a second. And within a minute, they’ve processed as many as ten thousand visual, oral, and tactile cues, deciding who you are, what you’re like, and whether or not they’d like to get to know you better.

What you might not know is that people use exactly the same “brain machinery” to form a first impression of your website.

Developing a layout and aesthetic for your site that creates a positive first impression—as well as a lasting one—is both an art and a science. Yet many websites today are put together by internal teams with no special expertise. To take a simple analogy, if you wanted a custom car, you wouldn’t build and design it yourself—you’d find a team of experts who could deliver something that would not only make a great first impression, but deliver on your specific driving needs and use case.

But you also have to be careful choosing the right third party experts. Many designers know how to make a site look sexy, without necessarily giving visitors a good impression of it. Like a car, a website should be aesthetically pleasing—but its looks shouldn’t trump its usability and usefulness. A Ferrari might look great parked in front of your house, but try commuting in it every day! The same is true for 90% of websites, which prioritize ego-driven sex appeal over actually delivering the content visitors are looking for—content which, ultimately, is the only thing that can convince them to entrust themselves to you.

Built on WordPress technology

We work alongside client teams on many platforms, but our in-house expertise is exclusively in WordPress. All of the builds we do for clients—from single landing pages to full business sites—are coded by hand in a customized version of our FRODO-compliant WordPress theme, Blazes. The Blazes template is:

We’ve chosen WordPress because we believe it is the best platform for future-proofing our clients’ websites:

  • It is ubiquitous, and thus supported by just about any hosting provider, so you don’t have to worry about technical issues;
  • It has a highly active development community and is continually updated, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming vulnerable to security threats or falling behind other web technologies;
  • It has an enormous knowledgebase, with probably millions of designers and developers—so you’re never tied to any particular vendor (including ourselves!)
  • It has a modern, easy-to-use dashboard, so you don’t need to pay agency fees just to make simple additions or updates to your site content.

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