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Email Lead Generation

Cold calling sucks. We all know this: cold calling is laborious, demoralising, expensive and rarely generates any real leads (only 2% of cold calls result in an actual meeting). The good news is that while cold calling may not work, email prospecting does.

With stats that have active email users at 5.6 billion by 2019*; with 99% of users checking their email every day, and 50% (in the US) checking email more than 10 times a day; and when it comes to customer acquisition, email proved 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined**, what’s not to like?
* [Statista, 2019]      ** [Hubspot, 2019]

But not any old email will do. Email prospecting is only effective if it’s targeted, personalised, speaks to its recipients in a language they relate to, and offers a relevant service that solves a problem or enhances their business.

Why targeted email lead generation?

Targeted email lead generation is the internet age’s answer to cold calling, only better.

Pointing us towards the right people.
If anyone’s information changes on any one of our sources, we will know about it.


Keep track of what your prospects are particularly interested in (which pages they visited on your website, etc).

Focus on closing deals with warm leads, rather than wasting costly resources on manually researching the names and contact details of cold leads.

An email can be reviewed and responded to at leisure, and when done correctly, it identifies and builds an authentic connection with the people that power your business: genuine clients.

Ideal for new market segments, gauge interest in your new offer or product and build a customer base before sinking your money into infrastructure.

Think of it as your sales BI, giving you deeper understanding into your sales funnels, processes and offers so you can make the right decisions to increase your sales.

How does targeted email lead generation work?

Our targeted email prospecting system uses a complete, targeted dataset to reach anyone, anywhere in the world, based on your specific criteria and offer. Our database is collated – in real time – using data from 125 top-quality public and private sources.

We then aggregate all this data using AI to create in-depth business profiles, enabling us to pin-point and target your best potential leads by location, industry, size of organisation, and job roles or seniority level.

Once our system has identified your ideal prospects, it sends a sequence of carefully crafted emails to those people who are a genuine fit for your offer. This system is an autonomous and predictable stream of leads that runs regardless of how you are feeling on the day, and because the emails are personal and targeted, they don’t end up in the spam folder.

We put you in front of the right people, so that you can focus on closing the deal.

What about compliance?

Of course! Ensuring that targeted email prospecting is done sensitively, correctly and, is completely GDPR compliant in the way we source, process, analyze and store data, is an essential element of our business.

Still need some convincing? We consistently use email marketing as our core strategy, rather than social media—and we can make that decision in advance, without even knowing anything about your particular company, your particular challenges, or your particular audience. It’s a no-brainer—for five reasons.

The bottom line is that targeted email prospecting has eclipsed just about all other marketing channels – it’s personal, targeted and effectively connects you to the people who really give a damn.


“…The return on investment has been huge – not only financially but also in time, since we can now focus on what we are good at (building products and delivering our services) and let Superhuman Sales focus on generating good quality leads for us (which they’re very good at).”

Neil Rankin | Director, Predictive Insights

“Superhuman Sales crafted a smart email campaign for DocFox that helped us contact decision makers in a tough-to-reach target market. We had a superb response rate and closed a number key deals from it. Dave and his team are a pleasure to work with!”

Walter Penfold | CEO DocFox Africa

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