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To improve your digital presence, and your accessibility to potential customers, we first need to understand and benchmark your web properties. We can’t know what we need to change without knowing where you’re at. As well as providing insights into your digital opportunities, this will pave the way for bringing clean data from multiple measurement systems into a single platform, where you’ll have a universal dashboard.

To make all this happen, we run what we call a FAUX audit: findability, analytics & user experience. FAUX is actually an audit suite, consisting of two main parts:

1. SCOUR audit (front-end)

A major challenge with websites is how they are generally created through a “Madison Avenue” approach—their designs reflect whatever the stakeholders think looks good, rather than what can be proved to meet your business goals (usually converting visitors into leads and customers).

Because of this, one of the first services we provide is to analyze your site’s conversion objectives, and identify the key design and content obstacles to these. We call this the SCOUR audit—Site Conversion Objectives and User Response.

To simplify the SCOUR service, we’ve built an audit framework called FRODO (First Reaction, Orientation, Desirability, Offers). This lets us analyze and report on your website in a simple, non-technical way that is nonetheless very accurate. We evaluate how the major site elements work to promote or hinder a visitor’s thought sequence as he moves toward the main objective (usually an opt-in or phone call); and we offer straightforward recommendations for tweaking the design and content to produce the kinds of user interactions you want.

View a SCOUR audit we prepared earlier

2. Technical audit (back-end)

Parallel to the SCOUR audit, we look under the hood of your site at its technical setup, and also its analytics data from beginning to end:

The aim is to get a thorough, data-driven understanding of how your online marketing performs from initial contact to final sale. We want to evaluate your current resources so we have a thorough understanding of what’s in place, what’s working, what needs to be added, and what can use improvement. We then compile our findings into a six-month report, and benchmark them against the industry best.

There is often a direct correlation between the findings of the SCOUR audit, and what we see in this technical performance report. Indeed, because your website is the hinge where visitors become leads, it tends to be highly reflective of your overall marketing strategy.

The FAUX audit suite is just the first step in improving your digital presence and boosting your online sales. Once we have benchmarked your site and identified opportunities, the next step is to start a process of testing incremental improvements…

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