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Superhuman Sales CEO, Dave Lichtenstein

Dave Lichtenstein, CEO

Dave Superhuman Sales started with a book: Selling in a Sh1t Economy. Dave, our CEO, wanted to write it to teach entrepreneurs and sales professionals the secrets he had learned for bringing in new leads using referral marketing instead of cold calling.

At the time, starting a lead-generation agency wasn’t even on his radar. Dave worked as the sales director of a technology business that had acquired his previous business several years before. Wanting qualified leads through online marketing, he had engaged many marketing agencies—all of which just exchanged time for money rather than outcomes, and none of which were competent at turning the technical jargon of his industry into customer-friendly messaging.

That’s when his journey into the heart of darkness (aka internet marketing) started.

Having no answer for his own lead generation problem at his tech business, Dave became obsessed with the work of Perry Marshall—a best-selling author and master at Google AdWords. He bought all of Perry’s books; devoured every article; watched every video.

Things got real when Dave lost his older brother. Determined to stop dipping his toes, he committed to the plunge. His brother’s death was a wake-up call.

The plan was simple: write Selling in a Sh1t Economy, expand it into a course called Superhuman Sales, and figure out how to sell them both online.

About a year went by. The book and course were ready to sell. Dave was getting rather excited, so he would mention his work to friends in other tech companies. When he did, he noticed they got a funny look in their eye—a mixture of anxiety and elation, like, “What you’re describing would change our business, but we have no idea how to do it—and neither does our agency.” They wondered aloud if Dave could help them.

Superhuman Sales went from being a great online course to being an agency.

More correctly, an anti-agency. The whole idea was to step in where previous agencies had failed: fill their gaps, break their molds, right their wrongs.

Superhuman Sales Marketing Director, Darren Whittaker

Darren Whittaker, Marketing Director

Darren Dave had the system to turn visitors into leads, and leads into sales. Now he needed the ability to reliably attract visitors in the first place, and analyze the data gathered from their actions.

During his tenure as a sales director, he had met with many marketing agencies who were quick to tell him how awesome they were, but could seldom deliver anything meaningful (aka phone calls that had consistent, qualified leads on the other end). But he had met one guy who was different. His name was Darren Whittaker.

Darren was completely obsessed with online marketing channels and how to use them—and boy, did he know how to use them. Generating traffic and analyzing its behavior was his gift. Yet unlike most traffic experts, who get tunnel vision, he also understood the big picture of marketing. He appreciated the holistic approach that businesses actually need—and was proactive about marrying up his skills with the broader strategy.

That made him doubly unusual…and a perfect fit for our nascent anti-agency, since our success would always rely on being able to seamlessly put our very different skillsets together into a single, cohesive strategy.

Long story short, Dave asked if he’d like to join Superhuman Sales, and he said yes.


Superhuman Sales Finance Director, Michał Granicki

Michał Granicki, Finance Director

Michał We were fortunate to quickly secure a few serious tech companies as clients. But we were also acutely aware that none of us had strong operational skills—nor financial ones. If we were going to scale Superhuman Sales—and, more importantly, deliver on our promise to our new-found customers—we’d need someone with the know-how and expertise to structure and manage us like a real business.

Enter Michał (pronounced Mehow). Internally, he’s referred to as the Conductor; a behemoth of all things process, structure and finance. He keeps us on track, ensuring that the train is getting coal, stopping at the right stations, and isn’t about to jump the tracks.

Kai Cranko, Sales Director at Superhuman Sales

Kai Cranko, Sales Director

Kai We wouldn’t be Superhuman Sales without another superhuman salesman. With Dave working as CEO, we needed someone to cover for him in the sales trenches. But who could fill those shoes?

Fortunately, in Dave’s previous business there had been a young salesman working under him named Kai. Dave had picked up early on that Kai was especially gifted, and had taken him under his wing—to the point that he thought of him as a protege. Kai was schooled in the trenches of sales warfare, and had the uncanny skill of booking meetings with anyone, anytime, anywhere. His ability to genuinely connect with people made him the perfect fit for Superhuman Sales, meshing naturally with our method and our ideology: always showing integrity, and building rapport through honesty and hard work.

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